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Mixed Media - What's That?

Updated: May 15, 2019

If you have shopped our website or stopped by our gallery you will have seen Nicole Deponte’s mixed media work. So what exactly is mixed media? A work is considered mixed media when more than one medium has been applied to the work. It is a blanket term for any number of art works that employ multiple mediums such as collage, assemblage, and décollage.

The term mixed media has been used since the Post-Modern era of art history yet the practice goes back to antiquity. Typically in mixed media works, artists will find certain elements that they enjoy working with an incorporating within their art. Some artists use seashells, buttons, and stones. However, Nicole likes to use cut outs from magazines, glitter, thread, pen and ink, and water-color, just to name some of her materials.

Mixed-media is a fun medium that can be made any size, can include almost any element you would like, and the base can be canvas, paper, wood, or anything the artist feels works with their other elements. But because mixed media can have a variety of elements to it, there is always room for experimentation. It takes a great deal of skill in order to mix a variety of mediums into one work but one of the fun aspects of mixed media is that the artist gets to experiment with a whole assortment of materials.

What I love about Nicole’s mixed media work are her seamless cutting skills when juxtaposing her collage images with her paint, thread, or ink. Nicole’s skills as an artist can be seen in each and every one of works. Another amazing part of her mixed media pieces is her use of negative space. She allows the right amount of space for her image, it is never cluttered. She is an artist who knows when she is done and does need to cover the entire paper.

If you have not been to the gallery and seen Nicole Deponte’s work in person, please look at them on our website at: They are amazing pieces and each one on the website is looking for its perfect home.

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