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Nicole Deponte

Mixed Media on Paper

Nicole Deponte is a Rhode Island based artist whose work can be found in private collections across the United States. Since graduating from the Sculpture Department at the Massachusetts College of Art in 2000, she has spent the past 18 years exploring drawing as an object thinker. Deponte's focus on non-traditional techniques and processes, introduce an on-going theme of action and response through her incredible compositions. She challenges the edge of the paper with her strong color vocabulary, experimentation with organic shapes, and her purposeful line.


"My process is informed by nature's persistence to survive, human beings nature to collect and layer, and my own obsession with invention and translation. The materials that I combine feed on our curiosity, our need to identify and catalogue.

I work with watercolor, mixed media and collage, drawing material from de-constructing magazine images. The bubbles and furry bits, tenuous lines and flying machines that populate my drawings serve as amorphous structures and characters that inhabit the space between our dreams and the every day."

Currently Available

- Please Contact the gallery for more information about these pieces

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