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Augmentation: With Growth Comes Motion

As you may know by now, Feldspar Studio & Gallery will be re-locating from its current location to a temporary location in Severn, MD at the end of March 2020. Then the gallery will re-locate to a permanent space in Pennsylvania. We are approaching this move with mixed feelings, joy in that we are outgrowing our current location and sadness to leave behind our friends here at Savage Mill. We will be having one final exhibition here at the Mill on February 29th, 2020 from 10am - 8pm.

We are still as devoted to our amazing artists as we have ever been. Without the talents of Nicole Deponte, Kirsten Bowen, Ryan Kelley, J. Ruel Martin, and of course our fearless gallery owner/ceramicist extraordinaire; Anna M. White there would be no gallery. Our artists, I am happy to say are standing by us during our period of growth. We will continue to show their work in the temporary space, additionally we will be able to bring work to your home during that time so that you can view it where you want to place it!

Feldspar Gallery has chosen only the finest artists working in their respective mediums. Each of our artists is at the top of their game. Kirsten not only writes her own poetry but brings it to life through her amazing text based paintings, that are created with her own technique of “venetian plaster”. Nicole’s attention to detail and her masterful juxtapositions of images, paint, and ink allow her to create magical moments. Ryan Kelley’s instincts for how a tree grows and moves are mimicked in his work in wire and stone. J. Ruel Martin’s knowledge of wood and his ability to bring out the natural beauty in the grain of his turned wood objects is masterful. Finally, Anna M. White is doing things with clay that have never been done before, making one-of-a-kind work that defies gravity and reason.

Our artists are devoted to what they do and as a gallery we are also devoted to what they do. We understand that being a full-time artist involves work and that they should be compensated for that work. As a gallery we make sure to take care of our artists by giving them a greater percentage from the works sold than just about every other gallery around.

So as we say good-bye to our location here at Savage Mill and start a new chapter, please stop in the gallery and join us these last few weeks. Take the time to study our artists’ works, take a moment to see how amazing they all are, and most importantly take a piece home with you. Continue to support us so that we can continue to support our artists through this transition.

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