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About Feldspar

Feldspar Studio & Gallery is a space devoted to the sale of high quality, contemporary fine art in a variety of mediums, and desires to encourage artists who are passionate about the art they create, bringing to the forefront their high level of craftsmanship and vision.


Officially opening its doors on June 30th, 2017, the space serves as both the working studio of ceramic artist Anna M. White and a full fine art gallery, featuring both two and three dimensional artwork.  Throwing out the idea of the “white cube”, a warm space was created with live-edge pedestals and tables, gray tones and natural lighting, a visible working studio, and then filled with artwork that seeks to draw people in to experience the intricate details that it holds.


Artists represented by Feldspar Gallery are carefully selected based on their commitment to craftsmanship in their chosen medium and a clear vision for the artwork they are creating. Often pushing the boundaries of their medium, they still respect and hold the principles that are critical in successful artwork such as composition and balance.  Each has a distinctive style developed over years of devotion to their medium and yet a constant desire to evolve and challenge themselves in their artwork, ever moving forward. We want people to find themselves taking a closer look at what they think they know, and seeing something fresh and unique in its nature.


Feldspar Gallery is deeply committed to the artists we represent, seeking to lift them up in their careers, and providing a platform where their work can be shown, appreciated, and sold. Working tirelessly to promote these artists is always at the forefront of our mission, whether by gallery shows, special events, our website, or social media, we seek to promote all of our artists to the best of our ability.

I am in the process of moving. Please call if you have any questions.


Anna M. White

Ceramic Artist

Gallery Founder & Owner

Anna M. White (previously Anna Solek) studied fine art with a concentration in ceramics at Alfred University, School of Art & Design, studying under and working closely with Wayne Higby, Anne Currier, John Gill, and others.  


In 2011, Anna established Shade Tree Ceramics in rural NJ where she continued to grow as an artist and first developed her signature body of work. Her "Stitched Series" debuted in Boston in March of 2012, and has since been presented in New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, and more.  Her work has been used to promote multiple shows and can be found in private collections in the US and abroad. In the spring of 2013, Anna was represented by the Guangmi Gallery in Shanghai, China.


After moving to Maryland, Anna established Feldspar Studio & Gallery in 2017. She desired that the gallery would serve as a support and encouragement to other artists, and as a place where people could come to grow in their understanding of fine art.


Anna has struggled with major health issues over the years, which has played a strong role in her connection to the artwork. Though she feels the burden of her physical health daily, she continues in her artwork and in the running of the gallery, with great passion and vigor.

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