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A Bit More about Feldspar Studio & Gallery

Updated: May 15, 2019

Feldspar Studio & Gallery

If you have been to Feldspar Studio & Gallery you know it is different from other galleries. Anna has created a space that is filled with natural light, which in and of itself is inviting, add in the live edge pedestal tables and the unobstructed view of her studio and you know you are welcome here. The uniqueness of the space highlights the distinctive artists she has chosen to represent.

In our space each artist’s work has its own opportunity to shine. Kirsten Bowen’s Venetian plaster paintings line the upper portion of the walls. Kirsten paints lovely imagery and always incorporates words in her work from poems, song lyrics, or quotes. Having the works up high give people an opportunity to not only appreciate the impressionistic scenes Kirsten creates but also the ability to see that there are words in her paintings. It is always a joy when I hear people say “Oh, there are words in there!”.

Nicole Deponte’s detail oriented mixed-media pieces are hung or displayed on easels at eye level. We do this to give our visitors the opportunity to see all the intricate lines, evolving patterns, and movement in Nicole’s work. Each of her pieces is mesmerizing to look at and talking to people about the different magical aspects of each of her pieces is an exciting part of my day.

Both of Ian Cairl’s tables inhabit their own space within the gallery. These tables are crafted works of art. They are both hand made from a variety of woods and each embodies old world charm mixed with modern detail like metal legs. People love to run their hands over the perfectly smooth surfaces. (I do too! )

Finally, Anna’s ceramic work is dotted throughout the gallery on those live edge pedestals and tables I mentioned earlier. Her Natural Series and Stitched Series are both so organic that they seem to grow right out of the pedestals. These works defy our idea of what clay can do and make us question forms we thought we were familiar with. Anna cuts and twists, then adds clay stitching, seaweed, or a cobweb to these once whole forms.

Kirsten, Nicole, Ian, and Anna are all dedicated to their specific medium. They create with sincerity and belief that good work won’t go unnoticed. Each one has a respect for artistic tradition but they are all innovative in the respective field, creating contemporary work that will stand the test of time. If you haven’t been to Feldspar Studio & Gallery - stop by! If you can’t please visit us at

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