Ryan Kelley

Metal Wire Sculpture

Ryan Kelley is from Massachusetts, where he uses wire, wood, metal and stone to create unique pieces of artwork that can be seen in homes and businesses throughout the country. A self-taught artist, Ryan began creating art during free time in high school. His works quickly changed from small gifts for friends and family to beautiful pieces of art for clients and customers. Over the years his pieces have grown in scale and intricacy, transforming spools of wire into his signature trees, that come to life with delicate details, motion, and grace. He has received numerous awards for his sculptures and has a passion to teach and inspire other young artists.

Ryan is an active member of his community and holds a seat on the Board of Directors for the Newburyport Art Association. He is a key contributor to the NAA ArtLink Program, visiting local schools to teach and inspire young artists to follow their passions in the arts.


In producing his collected works thus far, Ryan has used over 30 miles of wire, with many miles still to come.

Currently Available

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