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Anna M. White

Ceramics & Wood

Anna M. White was born in New Jersey and has relocated to Pennsylvania. Her work can be found in private collections in the US and abroad. Using the technical training she received while at Alfred University, her passion for discovery and elegance in working with clay, and a desire to push the bounds of her own thinking, she endeavors to produce work that draws in and challenges the viewer.  She looks to anticipate the unexpected in the world around her and in the artwork she makes, using the properties of the clay to reveal new ideas.  Both her “Stitched Series” and “Natural Series” do this as she uses motion, deconstruction, and reconstruction to create pieces that are transformed from their original thrown form and take on new life, propelled by the details and complexities of the work.

Starting with thrown vessels allows White to take forms that we are familiar with and, through a series of cuts and manipulation, bring new life to the work. Individual elements, made using different clay bodies, are then placed one-by-one, forming patterns or organic vines, spanning over or emanating from the seams. A crystal-clear glaze, hides nothing, but reveals the details and colors held within the medium and forms that possess more character than they had before the first cut.


Anna’s devotion to skill, design, and craftsmanship does not stop with clay, but can also be seen in her live-edge woodwork as well.

"I feel truly blessed in this life the Lord has given me. This is indeed foundational, in my life as a whole and in my artwork. I believe the ability to form with my hands, the objects I envision in my mind, is a gift, and I long to use it to give glory to God."

Currently Available

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